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WMC Hires Capitol Veteran to Lobby on Energy and Environmental Policy

MADISON – Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce announced Thursday that Capitol veteran Eric Bott has joined the business association to lobby on energy and environmental policy.
“I am pleased to announce the addition of Eric Bott as WMC’s energy and environmental policy director,” said Scott Manley, WMC vice president of government relations.
WMC is the state’s chamber of commerce and largest business association.
“Eric joins our government relations team with significant experience in the Legislature and state government, and will be our point person lobbying on energy and environmental policy,” Manley said.
Prior to joining WMC, Eric served as policy and budget director for Senator Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald.  He previously served as policy and budget director, as well as outreach director, for Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald.  In addition, Eric has held numerous positions as campaign manager and legislative assistant.
Manley said Bott has played a leading role in crafting and advancing several of the major budgetary and regulatory reforms of the past two years including Act 10, Voter ID, and Ferrous Mining Reform. 
“Eric has been instrumental in advancing legislation to make Wisconsin a more competitive and business-friendly state,” Manley said.
Bott is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, with a degree in political science.
“Eric will work to ensure Wisconsin businesses are not confronted with onerous environmental regulations and that their voices are heard at the Capitol,” Manley said.
For Further Information Contact:
Scott Manley, (608) 258-3400






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