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WMC Applauds Physician Licensure Reforms

MADISON – The Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce Friday applauded passage in the State Assembly of legislation to speed physician licensing to help provide health care to residents and keep the state competitive.
On Thursday, the Assembly approved the Medical Licensure Compact Bill (AB 253) on a 95-1 bipartisan vote.
Wisconsin would become the 12th state in the nation to expedite state licenses to doctors who meet the eligibility standards of the compact legislation.
WMC Vice President of Government Relations Scott Manley said:
“This is common sense legislation that helps us get licensed doctors on the job more quickly, yet protect patient safety. If a doctor meets the standards of this new law, it will help them receive their license with less red tape and delay so they can provide care to patients in our state. This legislation will help address physician shortages in Wisconsin, and will expedite the free flow of highly-skilled doctors from one state to another. We hope the bill will pass both houses of the Legislature in the very near future.”





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