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Wisconsin Leaps to 12th Best Business Climate: Chief Executive Magazine

WMC, Walker Teamed Up to Lead A Jobs Revolution
MADISON – Gov. Scott Walker’s aggressive tax cutting and regulation relief has catapulted Wisconsin’s business climate to No. 12, according to the CEOs surveyed by Chief Executive magazine.
Wisconsin had ranked as low as 43rd in the nation on the CEO survey in 2009, during the tax-spend-regulate-and-litigate administration of Governor Jim Doyle.
WMC President/CEO Kurt R. Bauer said WMC played a leadership role in pushing for the reforms that have improved our business climate.
“In 2010, WMC launched the Wisconsin Jobs Agenda calling for tax cuts, regulation relief and lawsuit reform. WMC teamed up with Governor Walker and the pro-growth Legislature to pass those reforms into law. Those reforms were revolutionary in that they set a new course for our state that saw taxes cut, regulations cut, and lawsuits curtailed and passage of Right to Work.
“Our economy is growing. Unemployment is down. The WMC CEO survey found optimism about economic growth at over 80 percent and 96 percent of CEOs say we’re headed in the right direction. Businesses are creating jobs. And it took the leadership of WMC and Gov. Walker and the pro-growth Legislature to team up and get it done.”
In 2011, Wisconsin jumped from 41st to 24th on the CEO rankings. And our business climate has climbed steadily every year to now reach 12th best in the nation.
“Wisconsin is on a roll. And this survey demonstrates that when taxes are cut, red tape is slashed and lawsuits are curtailed, an economy will take off as the winds of freedom push our fortunes forward,” Bauer said.
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