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Where Does Mary Burke Stand on Global Warming Policy?

WMC Urges Media to Quiz Candidate at Debate
MADISON – Wisconsin businesses want to know where Democrat gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke stands on global warming proposals that will drive up energy prices and cost Wisconsin jobs, and is calling on the Wisconsin media to quiz Burke on global warming at her debate Friday night with Governor Scott Walker.
Mary Burke has won the endorsement of environmental groups including the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters and the Sierra Club, all of which support global warming policies that drive up energy prices for Wisconsin families and businesses. The business community and citizens as a whole deserve to know if Mary Burke agrees with the positions of the groups that are supporting her. WMC is the state’s chamber of commerce.
WMC’s Five Questions on Global Warming for Mary Burke

  1. You have endorsed President Obama’s proposal to regulate carbon emissions, saying “we’re going to work hard to do it.” Yet, the Wisconsin Public Service Commission has estimated the rule will cost tens of billions of dollars in Wisconsin. Do you support forcing these enormous costs on Wisconsin families and businesses?
  2. President Obama’s global warming proposal punishes states like Wisconsin that have already invested in renewable energy. Why do you support a policy that punishes Wisconsin for being a leader on renewable energy and efficiency while making us less competitive by driving up electricity prices more in Wisconsin than in other states?
  3. According to EPA’s own analysis, the global warming regulations you support will only lead to a 1.3% reduction in global CO2 emissions by 2030, and the Energy Information Administration projects that this reduction will offset just 13.5 days of emissions from China. How do you justify making Wisconsin manufacturers less competitive with Chinese manufacturers to advance a policy that will not have a significant impact on global temperature or climate?
  4. Environmentalist groups that have endorsed you support job-killing global warming legislation like Governor Doyle’s so-called Clean Energy Jobs Act. It was estimated at the time that Governor Doyle’s global warming policies would increase the price of gasoline in Wisconsin by 61 cents per gallon, drive up utility bills and kill jobs. Do you share your supporters’ enthusiasm for policies that would inflict this type of economic harm on our state?
  5. When the Sierra Club endorsed you, they referred to manufacturers and farmers as “special interest polluters.” Do you share the view of your supporters that manufacturers and farmers are special interest polluters?

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