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Vruwink Mailing Distorts Her Anti-Jobs Record

State Representative Amy Sue Vruwink is distorting her anti-jobs record in a postcard to voters, using a misleading and out of context quote from a WMC lobbyist in her mailing, the state’s chamber of commerce said Tuesday.
“Rep. Vruwink voted against job creation on 60 percent of the issues important to growing our economy,” said WMC Vice President of Government Relations Scott Manley. “For her to quote a WMC lobbyist in her campaign literature is a blatant effort to mislead voters into believing she is pro-growth. She’s not.”
In the mailing, Vruwink quoted Jason Culotta, WMC Director of Tax and Transportation Policy, as saying: “She’s still a tough legislator. She’s proven she can work hard, and she’s really earned it.”
“Mr. Culotta was talking about her tough re-election campaign in 2012, and his comments had absolutely nothing to do with her voting record as a lawmaker or agricultural issues,” Manley said.
In fact, Vruwink did not receive the WMC Working for Wisconsin Award that is given to pro-business lawmakers who earn 80 percent or higher on the WMC scorecard. She scored 40 percent. In the last session, 17 Senators and 60 Assembly representatives scored 80 percent of higher on the WMC scorecard. WMC represents 3,700 businesses in Wisconsin and is the state’s chamber of commerce.
“Rep. Vruwink has deliberately distorted her voting record,” Manley said. “No amount of campaign literature can change the fact that she consistently chose special interest groups like trial lawyers and labor unions over taxpayers and job creators.”
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