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Study: Wisconsin Hardest Hit State by EPA War on Coal

A study recently released by the Heritage Foundation found that the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) pending regulations of carbon emissions from new and existing coal fired power plants, also known as the war on coal, will destroy nearly 600,000 American jobs and reduce the average family of four’s income by $1,200 by the end of 2023. The study predicts that Wisconsin will be the single hardest hit state by the war on coal in terms of job loss per capita.
The modeling used in the study, a derivative of the federal government’s National Energy Model System, found that Wisconsin would lose an average of 1,463 manufacturing jobs in each of its 8 congressional districts compared to a national average of 770. Wisconsin’s losses are the highest predicted for any state in the nation.
Kurt Bauer, President/CEO of Wisconsin’s Chamber of Commerce – WMC – issued the following statement regarding the study’s findings:
“The war on coal will hit Wisconsin’s employers and families harder than those in any other state. These EPA policies, which will have little to no impact on global climate, are sapping the lifeblood of our manufacturing economy.
“In light of these newly found results, WMC once again calls on the EPA to consider the impact its regulations will have on thousands of working Wisconsin families and job creators.”
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