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Rep. Scott Krug Receives State Chamber's "Working for Wisconsin" Award

MADISON – Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC), the State’s Chamber of Commerce, recently honored Rep. Scott Krug with the prestigious “Working for Wisconsin” Award at Rock-Tenn in Adams.
The award is given to legislators who stand up for jobs and improve the state’s business climate by voting 80 percent or greater in support of the pro-jobs position on the WMC legislative scorecard. WMC reports that Rep. Scott Krug voted 100 percent to support job-creating legislation.
“Rep. Krug was a true-leader for job creation and voted time and again to support pro-growth policies in the Legislature,” said Kurt R. Bauer, WMC President/CEO.
(Pictured, left to right, Dominick Murphy, Team Leader/Project Coordinator, Rock-Tenn; Brian Clark, Manager, Operations, Rock-Tenn; Rep. Scott Krug; Jason Culotta, WMC Director of Tax and Transportation Policy; and Seth Hamilton, Prepress Team Leader 1, Rock-Tenn.)
WMC is presenting 76 lawmakers with the prestigious award and has released “How They Voted,” a legislative scorecard for pro-business votes in the 2013-2014 legislative session.
“In total, 69 award-winning lawmakers had 100 percent voting records on the WMC scorecard,” said Scott Manley, WMC vice president of government relations. WMC’s public policy team analyzes the key votes affecting industry to create the scorecard. The analysis is based solely on the actual voting records, irrespective of partisan affiliation.
“Rep. Scott Krug has demonstrated a strong commitment to economic growth,” Manley said. “He stood up for mining reform so our state can have high-wage jobs. He cut over $1 billion in taxes, cut red tape, and clamped down on frivolous lawsuits. Wisconsin will be a better place for our children and our grandchildren because of his work to pass pro-growth policies into law.”
Wisconsin has witnessed back-to-back historic legislative sessions for job creation over the past four years, under the leadership of Governor Scott Walker. Walker has signed every pro-growth bill that has reached his desk, and has taken a leadership role driving pro-growth reforms.
“Prior to Governor Walker’s election, the Legislature and governor had taken a turn for the worse – raising taxes, expanding regulations, and increasing liability for employers,” Manley said. “Thankfully, those days are over and we are back to a climate where jobs will flourish.”
The WMC scorecard is available at the WMC website.


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