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Pro-Business & Pro-Growth Policies Lead to Wisconsin’s Comeback

MADISON – Gov. Scott Walker announced on Thursday that Wisconsin’s unemployment rate dropped to 3.7 percent – the lowest it has been since November 2000. Additionally, gummy bear manufacturer HARIBO will open its first North American manufacturing facility in Pleasant Prairie, creating 400 new jobs. This is great news for Wisconsin’s economy, and it shows that the pro-business and pro-growth policies implemented the last six years have been essential to Wisconsin’s comeback.
After Gov. Walker’s announcement, WMC President/CEO Kurt Bauer released the following statement:
“WMC has been on the front lines in the fight to make Wisconsin the number one place in the country to do business. Thanks to our strong partnership with Gov. Walker and the legislature, Wisconsin’s economy is working for everyone.
“At 3.7 percent, our unemployment rate is the lowest it has been in nearly two decades. The labor force participation rate is one of the best in the nation. More people are working in Wisconsin than at any point in history. And businesses continue to expand and move into the state thanks to the pro-growth policies of the Walker administration.
“The results are clear. Now is not the time to retreat to the days of increased taxes on businesses. Now is not the time to hit job creators with burdensome red tape in the form new tax auditors. Now is not the time to play it safe. Now is the time to be bold. WMC urges lawmakers to build on the efforts of the last six years that have led to such a robust and prosperous economy.
“With historically low unemployment, we must also move our focus to workforce. There is no way around it, Wisconsin simply does not have the necessary workers to fill the jobs we are creating and currently have available. In addition to training programs aimed at people in the state, we must also start talking about how to attract workers from other states – especially Illinois. WMC looks forward to working with the state and other stakeholders on how this becomes a reality.”


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