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Precision Machine, Inc. Receives Business Friend of the Environment Award

Madison – Today, the WMC Foundation recognized Precision Machine, Inc. as one of nine recipients of this year’s Business Friend of the Environment Awards (BFOE).
Precision Machine Inc.’s sustainability goal is to not only provide products that are environmentally sound throughout their lifecycles, but also continually strive to become a better steward in protecting the environment while conserving energy and natural resources, and reducing their carbon footprint.
An energy conservation program included facility improvements such as motion sensors for lighting, facility electrical upgrades, investing in efficient equipment, building and equipment improvements, annual Air Leak Detection Studies and preventative maintenance on CNC machines. “The purchase of two Brother High Speed Machining Centers reduced the footprint of their machines by 40% and reduced energy consumption by 80%,” said Lucas Vebber, WMC Director of Environmental & Energy Policy.
For the 27th year in a row, the WMC Foundation is recognizing companies with the 2016 Wisconsin Business Friend of the Environment Award. This year, a total of nine winners have been chosen for programs that demonstrate an innovative approach to environmental protection, or a level of effort beyond that which is required by regulatory compliance. These success stories reflect the continued commitment of Wisconsin industry to environmental protection.
This year’s award winners represent companies – both large and small – that have made significant improvements in the areas of sustainability, environmental stewardship and environmental innovation. Offering specific examples of successful programs, these winners demonstrate that sound environmental practices are good for Wisconsin’s environment and its economy. They serve as important examples for industry.
The 2016 Wisconsin Business Friend of the Environment award winners were selected from a pool of 32 nominees by an independent judging panel that includes an environmental attorney, as well as representatives from industry, the Department of Natural Resources, and the University of Wisconsin.
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