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ICYMI: Jay Weber Calls Worker’s Comp "The Next Big Pro-Business, Pro-Taxpayer Reform"

MILWAUKEE – Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce (WMC) Senior Vice President of Government Relations Scott Manley joined the Jay Weber Show on News/Talk 1130 WISN on Thursday morning to discuss much-needed reforms to the state’s worker’s compensation system. Manley detailed the out-of-control costs that employers have to pay when workers are injured on the job. In Wisconsin, medical costs are 47 percent higher than the national median and 60 percent higher for serious injuries.
It’s not just interstate comparisons that are troubling. Worker’s compensation injuries in Wisconsin also cost many times more than identical injuries that are covered by group health insurance. While most states have a slight difference between the two, the difference is striking in Wisconsin, often two to three times more expensive for identical treatments.
WMC launched the Worker’s Compensation Employers Coalition on Tuesday to advocate for meaningful reforms to Wisconsin’s worker’s compensation laws. The coalition is specifically advocating for a medical fee schedule, like 44 other states have done, which would provide a meaningful cost-control mechanism for worker’s compensation.
“This has to very well be the next big reform to help the business climate in Wisconsin,” Weber said as he concluded the interview with Manley.
The full interview is available below:





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