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Get the Facts About Governor Walker's Reforms

Educate Your Employees About the Future!
Give Them the Facts About Governor Walker’s Reforms!
Wisconsin’s future is at stake in the upcoming recall elections.
Will we go back to deficit spending and ever higher levels of taxation, or forward with a balanced budget, lower taxes and leaner, more efficient government?
These are important issues and an historic vote.
That’s why it’s critical that your employees have all the facts as they decide our state’s future.
To help, WMC has developed a series of fact sheets that can be used to inform your employees on the key issues in this election.
Click here for a set of fact sheets. They can be printed or distributed electronically. You can use any one of them or all of them. Individual sheets are listed below. 
The important thing is to get the facts in front of as many people as possible before the election on June 5.
If you have any questions, contact James Buchen or Jim Pugh at WMC.

  #1 Facts for the Future:
Tough Times, Tough Choices, More Jobs
 Facts for the Future: Graphic 2 #2 Facts for the Future:
Government Union Reforms
 Facts for the Future: Graphic 3 #3 Facts for the Future:
Constant Recalls Threaten Our Democracy
  #4 Facts for the Future:
The Reforms are Working
  #5 Facts for the Future:
More Money for Our Families
 #6 Facts for Our Future:
More Opportunities for Our Families




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