WMC’s professional staff is on hand to assist you. Simply call 608.258.3400 and the receptionist will direct your call to one of the following people.

Allen, Ashley Communications & Marketing Coordinator
Baker, Robert Director of Insurance Services, WMC Group Benefits
Bartscher, David Video Production Manager
Bauer, Kurt President/CEO
Benitez, Bob Membership Development Manager
Blumer, Stephanie Administrative Assistant, Wisconsin Safety Council
Boehnen, Nancy Assistant to the President/Board
Burger, Nick
Cook, Chevon Safety Manager, Wisconsin Safety Council
Deans, Barb Associate Director, Wisconsin Safety Council
Drake, Kim Communications & Marketing Manager
Fish, Cory Director of Tax, Transportation and Legal Affairs
Flynn, Matt Senior Business Development Manager
Goodsell, Wade Executive Director, WMC Foundation
Grajkowski, Michelle Manager, Wisconsin Business World
Hamil, Ana Customer Relations Specialist, Wisconsin Safety Council
Jordahl, Adam Associate Director of Government Relations
Kertz, Kay Sr. Director of Finance
Laufenberg, Rich Employee Benefits Administrative Manager
Mangin, Dawn Accounting Coordinator
Manley, Scott Sr. Vice President of Government Relations
Metzger, Janet Executive Director, Wisconsin Safety Council
Millar, Shelly Administrative / Accounting Assistant
Novak, Nick Director of Communications and Marketing
Nyffenegger, Susan Executive Assistant
Olson, Kady Senior Safety Manager, Wisconsin Safety Council
Pankow, Kyle Graphic Designer
Pavelec, Amanda Human Resources Manager
Price, Leigh Membership Development Manager
Pugh, Jim VP & Treasurer, WMC IMC / Sr. Director Advocacy & Membership
Reader, Chris Director of Health & Human Resources Policy
Rockwell, Brittany Director of Small Business Advocacy
Supensky, Leah Associate Director of Public Relations
Wipperman, Mallory Associate Director of Membership
Yeutter, Katie President of Insurance & Safety Services
Chief Operating Officer/Chief Financial Officer