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NEW POLL: Wisconsin Voters Think Property Taxes are Too High and Favor Capitalism Over Socialism

President Trump leads Bernie Sanders by 5, Joe Biden by 4 in presidential election among decided voters

MADISON – According to a new poll released by Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, a majority of Wisconsinites – 53% – say that their property taxes are too high, with only 2% of voters thinking their property taxes are too low.

This poll comes after Wisconsinites just received the largest property tax hike in 10 years, and after it was just revealed by the state’s non-partisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau (LFB) that Wisconsin has more than $800 million in extra tax revenue than was originally budgeted.

WMC has called for the Wisconsin’s lawmakers to do the only commonsense thing to when there is a surplus of tax revenue: give it back to the taxpayers.

“This poll shows us that Wisconsin’s voters are ready for the property tax relief that WMC has been calling for,” said Executive Vice President of Government Relations Scott Manley.

Additionally, the poll showed growing support for capitalism versus socialism with a majority of voters – 64% – believing that capitalism is the better system. Only 16% of voters believed socialism was a better system. This is a 7-point net increase in support for capitalism since the previous survey in April 2019.

“As the voice for the state’s job creators, we are glad that voters continue to see dangers of socialism,” Manley said. “When Wisconsin’s businesses succeed, it means that everyone benefits – from our state’s tax revenue to employee wages to the job market.”

The poll commissioned by WMC also looked at the upcoming 2020 presidential election and polled President Donald Trump against two leading Democratic candidates: Bernie Sanders, who won the 2016 Wisconsin Democratic primary, and Vice President Joe Biden.  Among decided voters, President Trump leads Sanders by 5 points and Biden by 4 points.

  • Trump-Biden: 42% to 38%
  • Trump-Sanders: 42% to 37%.

“Wisconsin is going to be the epicenter of the 2020 presidential election, and I don’t suspect either the President or the eventual Democratic nominee will have any problem locating our state on a map and making their way here multiple times,” Manley said.

Other Key Findings:

  • There is broad and intense opposition to the use of local governments using tax dollars to pay for lobbyists to advocate for higher taxes. Fully 84% of voters oppose this practice, including 73% of voters who are strongly opposed. Even 77% of liberals oppose this practice.
  • On possible areas of focus for tax cuts, 40% of voters select property taxes; 33% of voters select state income taxes; and 8% of voters select sales taxes. This data makes clear that property taxes and income taxes are the two taxes that will have the broadest support for making cuts.
  • On health insurance, more than nine-in-ten voters say their health insurance costs either stayed the same or increased. Also, an overwhelming majority of voters support transparent health care pricing requirements and quality ratings.


Click here to see the full memo on the poll.




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