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Energy Prices Threaten Wisconsin Manufacturing

WMC’s Executive Vice President of Government Relations Scott Manley joined Vicki McKenna to discuss how inflation, energy prices and policies supporting dependence on China are hurting the Wisconsin manufacturing sector.

“Energy is the lifeblood of any economy,” shared Manley. For an economy that’s as focused on manufacturing as Wisconsin, we’re talking about a next-level importance of having access to affordable and reliable energy.”

The United States is the global leader in oil production. Additionally, with access to centuries of coal reserves, the United States has access to domestic sources of reliable and affordable energy, which should allow us to limit reliance on China for energy. Unfortunately, bad policies are increasing our dependence on China and neglecting American sources. The price of gas is 64% higher since Biden has taken office. There is a ripple effect of rising energy costs, which impacts employment issues, wage increases, transportation and more.

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