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Improve Environmental Regulation

Legislative Agenda

We must ensure that any new environmental laws or regulations are based on sound science, and are prioritized to ensure that scarce resources are directed at solving the most significant environmental problems facing the state. Our strong environmental ethic should be reflected in practical environmental policies that can be efficiently implemented.


Encourage Cleanup of Contaminated Sites
Encourage the cleanup and redevelopment of contaminated sites by strengthening and improving tax and other financial incentives and liability protections.

Limit Nuisance Suits
Prohibit governmental agencies from filing nuisance suits against businesses that are in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Promote Uniform Regulation
Conform current and future Wisconsin environmental regulation to existing federal requirements to put Wisconsin businesses on a level playing field with neighboring states.

Prohibit Public/Private Settlements
Prohibit the Attorney General from coordinating settlements in state enforcement actions with settlements in private civil lawsuits brought by environmental groups and others.

Reform the Permitting Process
Provide regulatory relief to small businesses by transferring the state-only air permit program for minor sources from the Department of Natural Resources to the Department of Commerce.

Reduce the Regulatory Burden
Pursue redesignation of Southeastern Wisconsin as “attainment” for ozone air pollution based on demonstrated compliance with federal requirements, thereby reducing the regulatory burden and encouraging economic development in the region.




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