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A Success Story A Day: Appleton Coated LLC

Appleton Coated LLC

Company: Appleton Coated LLC
Location: Combined Locks
Founded in: 1907
What they do: Appleton Coated offers quality products and service programs to meet consumer needs, including coated papers for traditional and digital printing, specialty products, publishing papers and unique text and cover options.
How they’re growing: Management purchased the company from a foreign owner in 2014 and the new local team has invested millions of dollars to continue growth within the paper industry. Appleton Coated is also participating in research and development efforts to continue innovating its product offerings.
The manufacturing facility has an annual production capacity of 400,000 tons on three paper machines, including the newest paper machine in North America, and an adjacent coating and finishing complex with processing capacity of 280,000 tons. The company employs about 570 workers.
What they’re saying:
“Market conditions have been challenging in the coated freesheet industry in recent years, but Appleton Coated’s customer focus, rigorous cost management and new business development initiatives have allowed us to meet the challenge,” Doug Osterberg, Appleton Coated’s chief executive officer. “Our focused strategies in coated freesheet, along with our new business development efforts are proving successful. We remain firmly committed to the coated freesheet segment, but have substantively diversified our product portfolio with over 40 percent of revenue now generated from products outside of the traditional coated freesheet segment.”
— Doug Osterberg, Appleton Coated’s CEO




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