Correcting the Record on the Dark Stores Theory

“Dark Stores” became a popular rallying cry during the last legislative session. The prevailing narrative, that “big businesses” are shifting their tax burden onto homeowners, resulted in two of the most heavily debated bills of the legislative session. The only … Continued

Revitalizing the R&D Credit

Revitalizing the R&D Credit Efforts continue to make the Wisconsin research credit refundable through the state budget process.  Last week, Briggs & Stratton hosted their local Joint Finance Committee lawmaker on the issue.  Other companies continue to plan (or attempted … Continued

Sen. Bewley Proposes Massive Tax Hike on Manufacturers

Madison – Wisconsin’s chamber of commerce, WMC, will oppose a $209 million annual income tax increase for manufacturers and farmers proposed by Senator Janet Bewley (D-Ashland). Bewley wants to repeal the manufacturing and agricultural income tax credit that has helped … Continued

Facts About the Manufacturing & Agriculture Credit

“Any discussion about repealing or reducing the value of the manufacturing credit is a discussion about raising taxes on manufacturing jobs,” Manley said. “If the Democrats want to have that debate in the second most intensive manufacturing state in the … Continued

WMC Blasts Flawed Tax Study

34,000 Manufacturing Jobs Created Since Tax Credit Enacted Madison – The Wisconsin Budget Project issued a politically biased flawed statement about the Manufacturing & Agriculture Tax Credit that was intended to undermine the tax relief that led to 34,000 new … Continued

Taxpayer Fairness Reform Act Introduced, Receives Hearing

Senator Marklein and Representative Macco have introduced Assembly Bill 623, the Taxpayer Fairness Reform Act, a package of reforms intended to make Wisconsin a better place in which to do business. The bill contains seven elements which will help businesses … Continued

Tax Relief Package Approved

Now that the state budget logjam is finally free, the Joint Finance Committee’s tax package has been released and approved as part of the final budget. The plan provides significant relief from the state’s alternative minimum tax (AMT) and the … Continued

WMC Urges Repeal of Personal Property Tax

Archaic Law Undue Burden on Businesses MADISON – Wisconsin should repeal its outdated tax on personal property for businesses to lower the tax burden and to provide tax fairness in the state, WMC said Thursday. WMC, the state’s chamber of … Continued

Continuing Wisconsin’s Era of Reform

By Kurt R. Bauer Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce Wisconsin’s transformation from an anti-business to a pro-business state has been remarkable, but it is also incomplete. There is more work to be done in order for our state to achieve its … Continued

State Chamber Praises Walker Tax Cut Proposal

Tax Cuts Will Foster Job Growth, Prosperity MADISON – Governor Scott Walker’s $500 million proposal to cut income and property taxes will provide needed relief to taxpayers and help foster job creation, the head of the State Chamber of Commerce … Continued