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A Success Story: Votex Optics

Company: Vortex Optics
Location: Middleton and Barneveld
Founded in: 2002
What they do: Vortex Optics manufacturers precision-engineered optics and related products primarily for hunters and expert marksmen, including law enforcement and military applications.
How they’re growing: Vortex Optics is currently in the process of constructing a new headquarters and manufacturing facility in Barneveld, WI after exhausting available space at its Middleton site. The new operational location increases Vortex Optics self-sufficiency as a direct manufacturer of riflescopes and other sport optics equipment.
What they’re saying: “Vortex Optics focus has always been centered around serving our customers.  To deliver the best product and experience before, during and long after the sale. The byproduct of this philosophy has allowed our company to grow as well as improve our ability to serve those valued customers.” – Joe Hamilton, Director of Sales & Marketing, Vortex Optics




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