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A Success Story A Day: Renaissance Manufacturing Group, LLC

Renaissance Manufacturing Group, LLC
Renaissance Manufacturing Group, LLC

Company: Renaissance Manufacturing Group, LLC (RMG)
Location: Waukesha
Founded in: 2013
What they do: RMG is a first-tier supplier of multi-ferrous metalcastings and heavy duty engine components to the commercial vehicle industry.
How they’re growing: When the company learned that an OEM would shutter its foundry, it identified the closure as an opportunity to acquire, expand and repurpose the foundry to meet their unique needs. In the process, RMG retained the 176 full-time, well-paying jobs that were located there, as well as invested an additional $18,000,000 in the foundry and launched plans to create 36 new jobs.
What they’re saying:
“We are really looking at this to reinvest with our people, our plant, our processes. What we are really wanting to do is build a long-term legacy around a legacy company.”
– Todd Martin, president of RMG Waukesha




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