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Wisconsin CEOs Say State Regulations Overly Burdensome, Hamper Jobs

MADISONWisconsin CEOs report the state’s business regulations are out of line, hamper job creation, and are in need of major reforms, according to a new survey released Wednesday by WMC, the state’s largest business association.

“This survey demonstrates that we need to find a better way to regulate industry in Wisconsin,” said James A. Buchen, vice president of government relations for WMC. “The CEOs we surveyed said Wisconsin regulations are more costly than federal rules, more costly than rules in other states, are more than what’s necessary to achieve policy objectives, and hamper job creation. It’s a stunning indictment.”

Governor Scott Walker is proposing a series of reforms aimed at improving Wisconsin’s business climate. “The survey shows those reforms are needed now,” Buchen said.

WMC surveyed its member manufacturers and non-manufacturers on Wisconsin’s regulatory burden in October. The survey results are based on the answers of 170 CEO level respondents, mostly in the manufacturing sector. (Click here to see the full survey.)

KEY FINDINGS: WMC Regulation Survey

  • Some 95 percent surveyed said Wisconsin’s state regulations are burdensome, with 46 percent saying very burdensome.
  • Fifty-five percent said Wisconsin regulations are more burdensome than federal rules, with 17 percent reporting the rules are much more burdensome.
  • And a stunning 97 percent said the Wisconsin rules are more costly to comply with than other states, with 46 percent reporting the rules are much more costly in Wisconsin.
  • Ninety-four percent said Wisconsin rules regulate more than what is necessary to achieve stated policy objectives.
  • Seventy-two percent state rules hamper employee retention and 92 percent report Wisconsin regulations burden the company’s ability to executive its business plan.

“Governor Walker is on the right track with his ideas for regulatory reform,” Buchen said. “And, his regulatory reforms would show that Wisconsin is truly open for business.”

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