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Business Day in Madison will take place on Thursday, October 19, 2024 at the Monona Terrace Community & Convention Center. This event brings business leaders from all over the state together to discuss important issues facing the business community and our state. We invite you to attend what is certain to be an insightful program. 


WMC's Latest Employer Survey

A new survey of Wisconsin businesses previewed a slow economic start to 2024, as only one-fifth of employers have a positive view of the state’s economy. According to the Wisconsin Employer Survey, 22 percent of businesses rank the Wisconsin economy as strong, which is a significant drop from 39 percent just six months ago and a steady decline from 58 percent in the Summer 2021 survey.

However, the national economy performs even worse with only 10 percent rating it as strong and 28 percent saying it is weak – up from 18 percent one year ago. This abysmal rating of the national economy is actually lower than the 12 percent of Wisconsin employers who rated the U.S. economy as strong in the Summer 2020 survey, which was taken during the economic shutdowns that occurred in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.



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