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Wisconsin’s On a Roll: Time to Break Into the Top 10 Pro-Business States

MADISON – With large pro-business majorities in both houses of the Legislature, the state business community Wednesday is urging Governor Scott Walker to lead a drive to get Wisconsin into the Top 10 pro-business states in the nation.

Last week, Site Selection Magazine ranked Wisconsin as the 13th best state in the nation for business climate. CEO Magazine rankings have jumped from 41st to 20th since 2010. Other rankings have also improved since 2010.

“We have a legitimate shot at Wisconsin becoming among the most pro-business states in the nation,” said Kurt R. Bauer, WMC President/CEO. “We even could get to No. 1 over the next decade,” Bauer added.

Preliminary results indicate that voters established a 17-15 GOP majority in the 33-seat state Senate, and a 60-39 Republican majority in the 99-seat Assembly. Governor Walker, a Republican, now has a unified Legislature to drive a pro-growth policy agenda.  The Senate GOP majority will grow to 18-15 in December after a special election in which the Republican candidate will be uncontested.

“Governor Walker and the Legislature deserve tremendous credit for improving our business climate,” Bauer said. “In 2011, Walker and the Legislature passed tax cuts, lawsuit reform and regulatory reform and balanced the budget without tax hikes. We have made unprecedented progress, and we need to keep pushing to be more competitive.”  

WMC will be asking Walker and the Legislature to continue to pass pro-growth policies, including iron mining legislation, tax cuts, lawsuit reform, regulatory relief, and other changes.

“We can get into the Top 10 business climates in the nation,” Bauer said. “It wasn’t that long ago that getting into the Top 10 business climates was almost unimaginable. Now it’s quite possible.”

Governor Walker put Wisconsin on the national and international stage by reforming government unions in 2011. That spotlight has allowed the state to shine for business executives and business media internationally, Bauer said.

“We need to seize the momentum,” Bauer said. “This is a rare opportunity and we need to capitalize on it.”

For Further Information Contact:
Kurt R. Bauer, (608) 258-3400
Jim Pugh, (608) 219-0157  






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