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Voters Overwhelmingly Support Iron Mining Reform

Repeated Polls Show Consistently Strong Voter Support
MADISON – A new poll found that 62 percent of Wisconsin voters support iron mining reform pending at the Capitol, and those results are consistent with polls conducted for nearly a year, WMC said Tuesday.
“There is overwhelming voter support for iron mining reform,” said Scott Manley, WMC Vice President of Government Relations. “The public understands that iron mining means high-wage jobs and that the reforms under consideration will protect the environment.” WMC is the state chamber of commerce and largest business association.
Click here for a memo detailing the survey results.
The Legislature is considering iron mining reforms that streamline the approval process for iron mining in Wisconsin. A $1.5 billion iron mine has been proposed near Hurley in Iron County. The legislation retains environmental safeguards for water and air.
Earlier this month, The Tarrance Group surveyed 500 Wisconsin voters. They found that 62 percent of voters support iron mining reforms, with 50 percent strongly supporting the reforms. Only 24 percent were opposed to the reforms. Governor Scott Walker urged the Legislature to pass iron mining reform and the legislation has been approved in committees in the Assembly and Senate.
“In every poll WMC has conducted, we have found very strong support for iron mining reform,” Manley said.  
Additionally, WMC polling found that voters are less likely to support candidates for public office who oppose iron mining reform. In March 2012, WMC found that 47 percent of voters would be less likely to support a candidate who opposed iron mining reform, while only 37 percent would be more likely to vote for a candidate who opposed iron mining reform.  
“Clearly, iron mining reform is a winning issue with voters who are hungry for jobs,” Manley said. In September, WMC’s polling found 62 percent voter support for mining legislation. WMC found 67 percent voter support in October, with 21 percent opposed – a margin of support exceeding 3-to-1.
“Time and again, voters have been asked for their opinions on iron mining reform, and they always come down in favor of job creation,” Manley said.
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