February 10, 2011 – WMC Transportation Committee Meeting

February 10, 2011 – WMC Transportation Committee Meeting


1 p.m. Call to Order

Introductions – R.J. Pirlot, WMC Representative

1:05 p.m. Discussion Topics:

  • Freight Rail. R.J. Pirlot and John Varda will continue our discussion regarding promoting our freight rail agenda vis-à-vis the Wisconsin Central Group.
  • STB Docket on Railroad Industry Competition. John Varda and R.J. Pirlot will discuss a recently-opened Surface Transportation Board docket in which it will receive comments and hold a public hearing to “explore the current state of competition in the railroad industry and possible policy alternatives to facilitate more competition, where appropriate.”
  • HOS and EOBR Rules. John Varda will review HOS rule and EOBR mandate and whether this would be a good educational project for the Wisconsin Safety Council.
  • Counsel’s Report
  • WMC Staff Report