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Improve Health Care System

Legislative Agenda
Health care costs are a significant factor in the competitiveness of Wisconsin business. We must focus our cost containment efforts on re-engaging consumers in health care decisions, improving quality, and reducing unnecessary and/or inappropriate treatment.
Allow Benefit Flexibility
Allow fully insured (non-self-funded) employers to choose which of the currently mandated health insurance benefits they will provide and pay for.
Improve Health Care Quality
Improve the collection and analysis of health care outcome data, make quality transparent and encourage consumers, business purchasers and insurance companies to direct resources to providers who demonstrate a commitment to patient safety, improving quality, and reducing unnecessary or inappropriate treatment.
Re-engage Consumers in Health Care Purchasing Decisions
Encourage the re-establishment of consumer driven health care through the use of higher deductibles, and out-of-pocket coverage limits, pricing transparency, fully deductible medical savings accounts, and other appropriate financial incentives.
Minimize Cost Shifting
Minimize the impact of cost shifting on private payors, and preserve access to critical facilities (rural and inner city hospitals and clinics) by obtaining fair reimbursement from federal and state government payors for health care services, and establishing a mechanism to correspondingly reduce charges to private payors.
Promote Health and Wellness
Encourage employers, with appropriate incentives, to promote healthy lifestyles and implement wellness and disease management programs to improve productivity, reduce costs and enhance the overall quality of life for their employees.
Restructure the Medicaid Program
Seek federal waivers to restructure the Medicaid program to provide incentives for appropriate utilization, and to promote healthy lifestyles and implement effective wellness and disease management programs.




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