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WMC Testifies at Natural Resources Board Meeting on PFAS rules for Drinking Water, Groundwater and Surface Water

Scott Manley, WMC’s Executive Vice President of Government Relations, testified at the Natural Resources Board meeting as they took action on three pending PFAS rules: drinking water, groundwater, and surface water. Manley’s testimony highlighted WMC’s concerns with those rules, particularly the rules’ substantial compliance costs that were not included in the DNR’s economic impact analyses. WMC and other key industry stakeholders previously submitted detailed written comments to the Board on the rules.
The Natural Resources Board took the following actions:
  • DG-15-19 (NR 140 – Groundwater Criteria for PFOA/PFOS, TCE, other substances)
  • The Board declined to take any action following a tie 3-3 vote (with one abstention).
  • DG-24-19 (NR 809 – Drinking Water Criteria for PFOA/PFOS)
  • The Board voted to amend the proposed standard of 20 ppt for PFOA/PFOS to 70 ppt. This standard adopted mirrors the current Health Advisory Level issued by the U.S. EPA.
  • WY-23-19 (NR 105 – Surface Water Criteria for PFOA/PFOS)
  • The Board voted to approve the rule without modification.
Ultimately, the actions reflect that the board carefully considered the serious concerns raised by the business community




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