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WMC Hails Assembly for Advancing Needed Mining Reforms

MADISON – WMC today hailed the announcement that an iron mining reform bill is slated to advance in the Assembly, as key leaders unveiled their plan to protect the environment while promoting high-wage job creation.
“The business community is eager to see iron mining reforms passed into law in Wisconsin,” said Scott Manley, environmental policy director for Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce.
WMC and 23 other business groups earlier this week sent a letter to the Legislature urging passage of iron mining reforms that will protect the environment while allowing iron mining to move forward.
“We commend the Republicans in the Assembly for taking this important step forward for job creation,” Manley said. “WMC looks forward to reviewing this proposal, and providing input as the bill progresses.”
The 24 business groups said that reforms are needed to create high-wage mining jobs in northern Wisconsin.
Unfortunately, Wisconsin’s current metallic mining laws are unworkable,” the business groups wrote in their letter. “Developed decades ago to primarily regulate sulfide mining, our current laws are a costly, time-consuming and uncertain set of regulations that discourage investment in mining. Quite simply, the Gogebic deposit will not be developed, and thousands of jobs will not be created, without enactment of a permitting and regulatory framework that recognizes the comparatively small environmental footprint of iron mining.”
The mine enjoys broad support and has been endorsed by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and the Wisconsin State Journal, the state’s two largest circulation newspapers.
“The Legislature has a tremendous opportunity to create jobs through mining reform,” Manley said. “Our families need jobs, and an iron mine will help create jobs throughout the entire state. Today is a very important step toward that goal.”
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