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Wisconsin Voters Strongly Support Northern WI Iron Mine

MADISON A poll released today by the state’s largest business lobby shows that Wisconsin voters strongly support changing the law to allow for an iron mine near Hurley that will create and sustain thousands of jobs.

The survey of Wisconsin voters, paid for by WMC and conducted by Virginia-based Tarrance Group, found that 45 percent of Wisconsinites support the mine, and only 18 percent oppose the iron mine. But support grows for the mine to 60 percent after people are informed about both the potential positive and negative effects of the mine.

“People understand that constructing and operating the iron mine in northern Wisconsin will create jobs and opportunity for families throughout the state,” said Kurt R. Bauer, WMC President/CEO. “The support for the mine is two-to-one in favor and people want the laws changed to allow the mine to start operations.”

The statewide poll of 500 likely Wisconsin voters has a 3.5 percent margin of error and was conducted May 11 and 12 before WMC began airing radio ads designed to educate the public on the issue. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel rated the WMC ads as “mostly true” in their Sunday, June 12 edition. Click here for a summary of the poll results.

Some 57 percent supported legislation to streamline the process to allow the DNR to issue a permit to allow iron mining while maintaining environmental protections. Only 28 percent opposed changes in the law.

WMC supports the yet to be introduced “Jobs for Generations Act” that will change state law to allow streamlined approval of environmentally safe iron mines. All environmental standards would remain in place.

“Wisconsin and northern Wisconsin in particular need the direct and indirect jobs that the mine will create,” said Bauer. “We simply can’t afford to pass up this opportunity when so many families are struggling during a sluggish economic recovery.”

Wisconsin Jobs for Generations: Background Materials

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