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WMC Urges President Biden to Protect America’s Safe and Secure Energy Production

In light of high inflation, rising gas prices and the current international conflict in Ukraine, WMC wrote a letter to President Joe Biden urging him to boost domestic energy production. The letter notes a series of actions taken by the Biden Administration that have undercut U.S. energy independence. To ensure that America can safely and securely produce our own energy, the business community has urged the Biden Administration to take a number of important steps to ensure access to affordable and reliable U.S. energy.

The letter urged President Biden to:

  • Renew the offshore leasing program before the June deadline to ensure energy independence.
  • Compel the Department of Interior (DOI) to meet required deadlines, as well as honor its obligation to lease on federal lands and waters.
  • Halt the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (FERC) proposed new regulatory hurdles for natural gas pipelines, because a robust energy infrastructure is critical to fuel America’s businesses. *As of March 24 the FERC has paused implementation on the new regulations for natural gas pipelines. Instead of implementing them immediately, they have been revised as draft proposals and opened to public comment. 

Read the full letter here.




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