WMC Members-Only Legislative Update Webinars

These regular members-only combination conference call/webinars provide busy business leaders and their leadership team with detailed information on the current legislation as it comes down the pike.


Two Minute Drill

This video series runs weekly during the legislative session. View these videos for quick updates on what WMC is working on for your business.


Legislative Agenda

WMC works with its Board of Directors, members, local chambers of commerce and other affiliate organizations to write the Legislative Agenda. This agenda acts as a road map for WMC as we move through the biennial legislative session.


Legislative Bill Tracking

WMC works on hundreds of bills each legislative session. Here you can track the status of bills of interest to businesses.


Issue Areas

From education to transportation, many legislative areas affect a business’ ability to be competitive in today’s marketplace.


Legislative Voting Records

WMC closely tracks the voting records of state legislators and compiles them at the end of each legislative session.


WMC Issue Advocacy

The WMC Issues Mobilization Council works to educate voters about the issues. Visit this section to view the latest issue ads and victories.


Take Action

Here you can subscribe to WMC’s newsletters, find your elected officials, contact your legislators and contribute to WMC’s issue advocacy efforts.


Public Policy Center

WMC’s public policy center educates members on the issues and how the outcome will affect your business. Easy access to tools like voting records, voting locations and more.


Right to Work is Right for Wisconsin

Right to Work laws give workers the freedom to choose whether to belong to a labor union and pay dues. Right to Work protects employees by prohibiting them from being forced to join a union and pay dues as a condition of their employment.