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WMC Statement on Rumored GOP Transportation Plan

MADISON – WMC has learned the legislature plans to pay for the transportation budget by implementing the equivalent of a 20 cent per gallon tonnage tax on trucks. The cost is estimated to be between $130 and $135 million per year.
The rumored tax hike plan would unfairly discriminate against businesses that make and grow things in Wisconsin. Additionally, it would increase the cost of all consumer products that are delivered by truck, which includes almost everything.
After learning about the Republican’s plan, WMC Senior Vice President of Government Relations Scott Manley released the following statement:
“A tax on employers that make and grow things in the state to pay for the transportation budget will inevitably be passed onto everyone in the form of more expensive consumer goods. It is anti-business and anti-consumer.
“WMC is strongly opposed to this proposal. Our members continue to support a nominal gas tax increase and registration fee increase because this would ensure everyone who uses the roads is helping to pay for them.
“Paying for the transportation budget on the backs of Wisconsin businesses is simply unacceptable.”
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