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WMC Responds to Career Politician Russ Feingold’s Misinformation on Clean Power Plan

MADISON – Since President Obama’s EPA released the Clean Power Plan last fall, a majority of states and dozens of pro-economic development organizations have filed lawsuits against it. WMC joined with 165 other pro-economic development organizations just two weeks ago to file an amicus brief in support of these lawsuits.
All of these groups share a common sense understanding that the Clean Power Plan will cost American jobs and make our businesses less competitive. Here in Wisconsin, where rates could rise by 20% or more, the Clean Power Plan would cripple our state’s economy.
Recently, Russ Feingold has spoken out in support of the Clean Power Plan, saying it will be good for jobs in Wisconsin. In response to Feingold’s statement, WMC Director of Environmental and Energy Policy, Lucas Vebber, said the following:
“Feingold’s support for the Clean Power Plan is what happens when you spend your entire career in government. Basic economics and common sense tell us that when you increase costs on companies, you decrease their competitiveness. That means less jobs, and less growth.
“There is no doubt that the Clean Power Plan will raise costs – EPA themselves have acknowledged billions of dollars in economic costs will be forced on the American economy. The rule is projected to cost tens of thousands of jobs in Wisconsin. Russ Feingold’s statement of support for Clean Power Plan shows a troubling lack of understanding of Wisconsin’s economy.
“In Wisconsin, Feingold’s numbers just don’t add up. Coal power has consistently proven to be less expensive than renewables, and has been an efficient and reliable energy source for generations. Shutting coal plants and building new renewable energy sources, as Feingold suggests, is nothing short of irresponsible.
“At a time when our state’s air quality is the cleanest it has been in decades, the projected 20% increase in electricity rates will cost us jobs, and take money out of the pockets of hardworking Wisconsin families.”





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