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WMC President/CEO: Wisconsin Should Target Illinois Workers

MADISON – The Land of Lincoln could be Wisconsin’s “land of opportunity,” according to the CEO of Wisconsin’s largest business group.
In a column published by the quarterly magazine, Wisconsin Business Voice, Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce (WMC) President/CEO Kurt R. Bauer said the Badger State’s workforce shortage could be partially solved by attracting Illinois residents over the border.
Listing the numerous problems faced by it’s neighbor to the south, Bauer claims there is an “opportunity for Wisconsin.”
Last October, a scientific poll conducted by Southern Illinois University found that 47 percent of Illinoisans would leave the state. If they are already leaving Illinois, why not encourage them to come to Wisconsin, Bauer writes in his column.
He highlights the WMC-produced video “Wisconsin: A Great Place to Get Started” in the column, which promotes the state as an ideal location for startup businesses and millennial talent. However, he says a broader campaign is necessary and urges state lawmakers to fund the effort.
Click here to read Bauer’s column in its entirety.
Click here to watch WMC’s video: “Wisconsin: A Great Place to Get Started.”
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