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WMC Praises Gov. Walker’s Welfare Reform Proposal

MADISON – On Monday, Gov. Scott Walker released a plan to build on former Gov. Tommy Thompson’s welfare reforms in the 1990’s. The new package would take multiple steps to help move Wisconsinites from welfare to work. From manufacturing and health care to agriculture and technology, every industry should be proud to support these reforms.
“One of the biggest problems we routinely hear from our members is that the welfare system in our state and country creates a disincentive to work,” said Scott Manley, WMC Senior Vice President of Government Relations. “Gov. Walker’s proposed reforms would actually incentivize work, while making sure our government is still providing a hand up to those in need.”
According to the governor’s plan, job training programs will be expanded, occupational licensing will be reduced and the so-called “benefits cliff” that makes families worse off when they get a raise or work more hours will be eliminated.
“Today’s skills gap makes it very difficult for manufacturers and other companies to find qualified individuals to fill the jobs they have available,” added Chris Reader, WMC Director of Health and Human Resources Policy. “Increased job training for the incarcerated, ex-offenders, those receiving FoodShare and others will go a long way to creating another pool of qualified workers for Wisconsin’s businesses.”
“It is imperative that Wisconsin make it easier to get a job, as well,” added Manley. “The unreasonable occupational licensing requirements for many industries need to be removed, and individuals and families that want to work should not be forced to make the choice between earning more money and losing their welfare benefits. WMC is proud to support Gov. Walker’s proposal, and looks forward to working with the legislature to include it in the upcoming budget.”
See Gov. Walker’s release here.


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