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WMC Opposes New Global Warming Legislation

Jobs Would Be Lost As Energy Prices Spike
MADISON — The Wisconsin chamber of commerce (WMC) announced today it is opposing a new proposal from Democratic lawmakers that would drive up energy prices and result in lost jobs.
Legislative Democrats unveiled their legislation, which is largely a rehash of policies from previous global warming legislation, at an invitation only news conference out of public view this morning.
Eric Bott, environmental policy director for Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce (WMC) said:
“These lawmakers are proposing expensive energy mandates and subsidies that will drive up energy bills and cost our families jobs.
Their proposal is more radical than Governor Doyle’s failed global warming legislation, which was rejected by a Democratically controlled Legislature. That bill was projected at the time to kill more than 43,000 Wisconsin jobs, and was so controversial that it died despite Governor Doyle’s party having full control over all branches of state government.
“It is hard to fathom what the authors are attempting to accomplish with a bill that punishes consumers with higher electricity bills and drives employers out of Wisconsin. WMC will work aggressively to educate our members and the public about the extraordinary costs that would be created by the bill.”
For Further Information Contact:
Eric Bott, (608) 258-3400





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