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WMC Lauds Announcement of Key Regulatory Reform Legislation

State Chamber Encourages Legislators to Co-Sponsor This Bill Today
MADISON – Today, Rep. Adam Neylon (R-Pewaukee) and Sen. Devin LeMahieu (R-Oostburg) began circulating an updated version of the state REINS Act to their colleagues for co-sponsorship.
This legislation is an updated version of last year’s bill, and is a key regulatory reform proposal that would increase oversight on the costliest of regulations written by unelected bureaucrats in Madison. If enacted, this bill would require the legislature to approve any new agency regulation that would cost more than $10 million in compliance costs.
“Regulatory reform continues to be a top priority for our state’s business community,” said Lucas Vebber, WMC’s Director of Environmental and Energy Policy. “This legislation increases transparency and holds bureaucrats accountable. We strongly encourage all legislators to sign on as co-sponsors of this bill.”
In WMC’s most recent economic outlook survey of our state’s CEOs, regulatory reform was consistently listed as a top priority. When asked what the number one thing Wisconsin can do to improve our business climate the top response was reducing regulations.
“As a business owner, I know first-hand how costly regulations hamper growth and economic development,” said Aaron Powell, WMC’s Small Business Committee Chairman. “This legislation is a critical step that our state needs to take in order to rein in the bureaucracy and empower our elected officials to fight back against the costliest of regulations. Business owners thank Rep. Neylon and Sen. LeMahieu for their work to advance this common sense legislation in Madison.”
Co-sponsorship for this key regulatory reform legislation closes on Tuesday, Jan. 17.


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