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WMC Defends Manufacturing and Agriculture Tax Credit against Attacks

Elimination of the Manufacturing and Agriculture Tax Credit Would be Detrimental to Middle Class Job Creators
MADISON – On Wednesday, multiple activist groups called for $900 million in new government spending, and advocated for the elimination of the manufacturing and agriculture tax credit as a way to pay for it. This would be a direct attack on Wisconsin businesses that create thousands of family-supporting, middle class jobs.
Scott Manley, WMC’s Senior Vice President of Government Relations, released the following statement defending the tax credit and job creators all across Wisconsin:
“While the national economy has been bogged down by burdensome regulations from policymakers in D.C., Wisconsin has been moving forward with reforms that have helped stimulate the economy. The manufacturing and agriculture tax credit has given a boost to businesses that create family-supporting, middle class jobs all across our state, and it is imperative that we keep it in place.
“In the five years before the credit was enacted, Wisconsin lost 81,000 jobs. In the five years since it was enacted, the state has added 34,000 jobs. Not to mention, as state lawmakers have cut taxes the past few years, tax revenues have gone up. And in even better news, the non-partisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau announced yesterday that Wisconsin will take in $455 million more than originally projected.
“Wisconsin is moving forward, and it is thanks to reforms like the manufacturing and agriculture tax credit. Instead of penalizing middle class job creators, elected officials in Madison should be taking steps to rein in onerous regulations, cut taxes even more and reduce the overall cost to do business in our state.”


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