Congratulations to our 2017 CSA Achievers

Application Submission is now Closed:

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The 24th Annual Wisconsin Corporate Safety Award Phase I is due January 22, 2018 by 10:00 AM. Finalists making it to Phase II will be notified by January 30, 2018. Previous applicants have suggested that new applicants download the pdf below, print, and fill it out to help complete their Phase I application online.

Award Overview

This program honors leaders in our state’s business community for achieving excellence in safety & health.

Award Sponsors

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The Wisconsin Corporate Safety Awards are co-sponsored by the Wisconsin Safety Council and the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development.

Celebrating our 24th year, this awards program honors businesses for exemplary safety records and excellence in safety & health management.

These businesses are making safety a top priority. They have gone to extensive measures to assure their most valuable asset—their employees—are safe on the job.


The Wisconsin Corporate Safety Awards will be based on size of organization AND type of organization. A total of up to 15 grand awards will be presented. All award finalists receive a finalist certificate and publicity; perfect incidence rates will receive certificates.

A. Size of Organizations
Based on actual payroll hours worked are the number of paid work hours for the calendar year (including office hours, but excluding vacation and holidays). You must include all fulltime, part-time, seasonal and temporary employees who work under your organization’s supervision. Two-four size categories in all types except Category A Manufacturing, which can have up to six-eight.

B. Types of Organizations
Category A: Manufacturing – NAICS Codes 31-33
Category B: Agricultural, Forestry, Transportation, Mining and Utilities – NAICS Codes 11-22
Category C: Construction – NAICS Code 23
Category D: Other – NAICS Codes 42-92

For assistance in determining your NAICS code, visit

The Wisconsin Corporate Safety Award selection process involves two phases.

  • In Phase I, statistical data relating to a company’s incidence rates for the past three years, with an emphasis on current full year’s calendar data, was reviewed and a core group of finalists was selected. Deadline for phase 1 is January 22, 2018 by 10:00 a.m.
  • In Phase II the finalists —selected by the Corporate Safety Award committee — will be notified by January 30, 2018 and asked to answer a series of subjective questions pertaining to workplace health and safety issues. Deadline for Phase II is February 20, 2018.

Why Apply?

  • Benchmark: The process of nominating your organization requires you to benchmark where you have been, where you are, and where you are headed in safety. It can be used as an opportunity to evaluate your current situation, your prospects, and progress.

  • Prestige: Organizations winning awards have been the subject of well-deserved press coverage in their local communities as well as in statewide newspapers and business magazines. Award winners have used the Corporate Safety Award to promote their organization and products in their internal communication, marketing material, website, sales presentations and publicity.
  • Morale Booster: Many winners of these awards cite their workers as deserving the majority of the credit for the award. Many winning organizations use the award as an opportunity to show appreciation to their associates for a job well done.

Please contact WSC with questions at 608.258.3400 or email WSC at