Wisconsin Safety Council Opioid Awareness Training




In 2017, 916 people in Wisconsin died from an opioid overdose. In recent years, the rate of prescription painkiller overdoses has increased by 238% among Wisconsinites. This crisis has reached epidemic proportions in our state and the effects are impacting home and work environments.

This has left employers caught in the middle of trying to comply with all laws while trying to maintain a healthy and safe workplace. There are myriad multijurisdictional issues, the laws are constantly changing, and employers aren’t sure how to remain compliant with so few clear answers. This course will provide an overview of how the Opioid Epidemic in Wisconsin is impacting the workplace and what employers can do to protect their employees and their businesses from the burden of opioid misuse.

  • Learn how the opioid epidemic is impacting Wisconsin communities and businesses.
  • Learn about the role occupation safety has in preventing opioid misuse.
  • Local law enforcement invited to present.
  • Understand the role of the employer in prescription drug use, alcohol and drug addiction and how to address these issues under the disability antidiscrimination laws.
  • Learn the key elements of an effective Drug-Free Workplace Policy

Upcoming Course Dates:

May 31 – Madison

June 14 – Stevens Point

July 12 – Milwaukee

July 29 – Appleton

Click on the dates above to register for the course closest to you! This epidemic impacts businesses of all sizes, from all industries and every corner of the state. This course will help you be better prepared to assist employees who struggle with addiction, understand how to work with law enforcement and what updates may need to be made to your drug-free workplace policies.

For more details, call the Wisconsin Safety Council team at 608.258.3400.


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