What to Bring

  • Summer clothes (casual)
  • Sneakers, pants for Tour Monday
  • School apparel for Hometown Tuesday
  • Nicer attire for Wednesday’s presentations
  • Cosmetics & toiletries
  • Medications (please inform BW staff)
  • Athletic clothes for Rec time

For a complete list of what to bring, click here

You may also want to bring

  • A fan for your dorm room
  • Money to order food during nightly free time (optional, but popular)
  • A basketball, football, volleyball, Frisbee, etc for nightly free time
  • A high school shirt or sweatshirt to wear for Hometown Day on Tuesday
  • Long pants that can get dirty during your company tour on Monday
  • Towel, pillow and blanket are provided, but some prefer to bring their own
  • Favorite stuffed animal so you don’t get homesick

Leave at Home

  • Stereos
  • TVs/video games
  • Boyfriends/Girlfriends



Contact Michelle Grajkowski 608.258.3400