WMC Policy Update

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Inside the Wisconsin State Budget Process.

WMC Policy Update is a new web series focusing on Wisconsin’s state budget process. This series will keep you informed on Governor Tony Evers’ proposed state budget, as well as changes the legislative Joint Committee on Finance (JFC) has made.

The Committee will continue to make adjustments in the coming weeks on topics that include taxes, transportation, health care, education and environmental regulations, among others.

Stay tuned for future videos as we will continue to keep you updated on future changes to the 2019-2021 Wisconsin state budget.

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WMC Policy Update: Transportation (June 12, 2019)

Republicans on the state’s Joint Committee on Finance rejected Gov. Evers’ plan to increase the gas tax, and instead opted for higher title and registration fees on passenger vehicles. The budget committee additionally eliminated a plan to raise fees on heavy trucks by 27%. Learn more about the proposed DOT budget from WMC General Counsel and Director of Tax, Transportation and Legal Affairs, Cory Fish.

WMC Policy Update: Employment Law Changes (June 17, 2019)

WMC fought hard for the business community to ensure your voice was heard on important issues in regards to employment law. Governor Tony Evers proposed a state budget that would have undone numerous reforms passed in the previous eight years by former Governor Scott Walker. To learn more about what reforms were in jeopardy and how the legislature responded, watch our next Policy Update from WMC Director of Health & Human Resources Policy, Chris Reader.