Progress on Governor Walker’s Autonomous Vehicle Committee

  Governor Walker’s Steering Committee on Autonomous and Connected Vehicle Testing and Deployment continues to make progress. Governor Walker created the committee in the fall of 2017 and tasked it with identifying state agencies that have jurisdiction to support the … Continued

Marathon Petroleum v. City of Milwaukee

On March 20th the First District Court of Appeals ruled against Marathon Oil, holding that the income-generating capacity of oil terminals (i.e. business contracts) are inextricably intertwined with the land and thus may be included in the property assessment. The … Continued

Taxpayer Fairness Act, Tax Conformity Amendment, Passes Senate

Assembly Bill 259 passed the State Senate on Tuesday afternoon 18-14 along party lines. The bill contained two provisions that protect taxpayers: The amendment strikes the last sentence in Wis. Stat. §73.16(3)(b), which contains an ambiguous exemption to a taxpayer’s … Continued

Assembly Bill 259: Conforming to the Federal Code

WMC has provided several updates on the progress of AB 259, the Taxpayer Fairness Act. The bill has drastically changed since our last update. The State Assembly amended the bill during its final floor period on February 22nd to include … Continued

WMC Kills Dark Stores Amendment

Last week, WMC alerted its members that the “dark stores” legislation had been given new life in the State Assembly. After negotiations with WMC, the Assembly did not end up taking up the amendment, effectively killing the dark stores legislation … Continued