WMC Column: Solving the Workforce Paradox

News Column By James R. Morgan, WMC Foundation President Manufacturing, and manufacturing careers, have been getting quite a bit of coverage lately. Employers have made desperate pleas for skilled workers. There is a heightened awareness of the value manufacturing brings … Continued

Seidel Misleads on Equal Pay

Guest column by Rebecca Hogan, Director of Health and Human Resources Policy Rebecca Hogan, Director of Health and Human Resources Policy   Political division certainly leads to political rhetoric. This heightened division we have in Wisconsin, however, should not lead … Continued

Insight: How Much Do Green Jobs Cost?

Politicians at both the state and federal levels of governments are promising heavy government subsidies to create so-called “green jobs” to help boost our economy. But politicians typically don’t talk about how much those jobs will cost taxpayers, or how … Continued

Insight: Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation

Job one for the new Governor and Legislature is to put the state’s fiscal house in order and create a business climate that will encourage private sector job growth. The dual goals are inseparable. In a state that has operated … Continued

The Wall Street Journal: Wisconsin’s Battle Supreme

The Wall Street Journal REVIEW & OUTLOOK March 25, 2011 Wisconsin’s Battle Supreme Unions bid for a liberal court majority to undo Walker’s reforms. Wisconsin Democrats and unions are still seething over their failure to thwart Governor Scott Walker’s government … Continued

WSJ Exposes Union High Court Takeover

CLICK HERE TO DONATE NOW! Dear WMC Member, The editorial in The Wall Street Journal said it all. The unions and their front groups are trying to takeover the Wisconsin Supreme Court by defeating Justice David Prosser with a very … Continued