Be Careful with the Precautionary Principal

I recently had the honor of meeting famed neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson before an address he made in Waukesha. Dr. Carson spoke about the sorry state of public discourse in America. He contended the quality of discourse declines when the … Continued

Key Industries Threatened by Court Decision

Being surrounded by two Great Lakes, including the largest freshwater lake in the world, we in Wisconsin often take for granted the availability of water. Water is vitally important to many key industries in our state including breweries, crop production, … Continued

Legislative Agenda 2013-14: Environment & Energy

Wisconsin employers face an increasingly costly environmental regulatory climate. Many environmental regulations in Wisconsin are more stringent than what is necessary to protect the environment, and more stringent than what is required by other states. In addition, federal regulations on … Continued

Legislative Agenda 2013-14: Regulatory Reform

Businesses have consistently cited Wisconsin’s costly and onerous regulatory climate as a key factor inhibiting economic growth. In a survey of Wisconsin businesses, 97 percent said our regulations are more expensive than other states, and 72 percent cited Wisconsin’s regulatory … Continued

Wanted: Environmental Success Stories

WMC is accepting nominations for the 25th annual Business Friend of the Environment Awards, honoring companies that have made significant improvements in the areas of sustainability, environmental innovation and environmental stewardship. On Wednesday, May 14, 2014, the awards will be … Continued

Take Two: Legislature Positioned to Enact Mining Reform

Wisconsin let slip a rare opportunity to create thousands of jobs when the Senate fell one vote short of passing comprehensive iron mining reform last session. Fortunately, the political dynamics in the Legislature have changed since November and lawmakers again … Continued

Environmental Best Practice

At Glenroy, Inc., a flexible packaging manufacturer in suburban Milwaukee, they understand the benefit of going green. Coupled with major process initiatives such as converting natural gas drying of their printed films to heated compressed air, Glenroy has partnered with … Continued