Wisconsin Supreme Court Resource Center

In April, Wisconsin voters will consider candidates for the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Currently, there is a 4-3 conservative majority on the Court. Much of the business reform agenda may be reviewed by the high court. In the future, an activist … Continued

Bill Tracking – Civil Justice – 2011-12 Legislative Session

Civil Justice Legislative Bill Tracking Report: Civil Justice Jason Culotta, Director of Tax & Transportation Policy Bill Number/Author Summary/Status WMC Position AB 147 /SB – 103 (Severson/Galloway) Bill Text Bill History Summary:This legislation protects statements of apology by health care … Continued

Legislative Agenda 2013-14: Civil Justice & Legal Reform

For many years, Wisconsin businesses faced growing litigation costs due to an unfavorable legal climate. The higher costs from litigation hurt our overall competitiveness, and serve as a barrier to investment here. Although significant improvements to our legal climate were … Continued

Limiting Phantom Damages – Co-Sponsorship of LRB-0986

LRB-0986 would limit “phantom damages” awarded to plaintiffs and their attorneys in personal injury cases by allowing the jury to see all the evidence of past medical expenses paid by the plaintiff. LRB-0986 is specifically designed to address several negative … Continued

Busting the Trust Fraud

Tort reform hasn’t been on the national radar of late. Yet the reform drive remains alive in the states, including Ohio, which is poised to become the first in the nation to clamp down on the abuse of asbestos bankruptcy … Continued

Civil Justice 2011-12 Legislative Successes

Special Session SB1/AB 1 (Act 2 – Products Liability) – Adopts more reasonable products liability standards for manufacturers and sellers. Status: PASSED. Signed into law (2011 Wisconsin Act 2).   Special Session SB 1/AB 1 (Act 2 – Risk Contribution … Continued

Gov. Walker, Legislature Conclude Historic Pro-Growth Session

MADISON – Wisconsin’s business climate has improved significantly in the wake of the passage of historic pro-growth legislation supported by Governor Scott Walker and the Legislature, WMC said Friday. “Wisconsin’s business climate has improved dramatically because of the reforms promoted … Continued