Steps to a Safer Workplace and a Healthier Bottom Line
The Wisconsin Safety Council’s training programs can help lower your risks – and your costs.

  1. Certificate in Principles of Safety
  2. Advanced Safety Certificate
  3. Fundamentals Safety Certificate
  4. Safety Leadership Certificate

Choose from our programs that will make a positive impact on your organization’s safety. Start where you want, and go as far as you need. Earn certificates at your convenience. Our courses are developed by experts in the field and delivered by authorized instructors.

About 20% of your corporate profits are eaten up every year by preventable workplace injuries.

  • One disabling injury can cost you $29,000
  • One devastating fatality can set you back $1 million

The Numbers Don’t Lie
For every $1 your company invests in safety training, you should expect a $3 savings in injury costs. No further proof is needed. Safety training is a smart investment.

1. Certificate in Principles of Safety

Principles of Occupational Safety and Health (POSH) (2.6 CEUs)
Upon successful completion of POSH, you will earn the Certificate in Principles of Safety-which is a required course for the ASC™ curriculum. POSH lays the foundation for all other coursework. The certificate also qualifies you to pursue the Advanced Safety Certificate (ASC). POSH is an intensive four-day course, covering 19 topics which will give you a firm grounding in the fundamentals of workplace safety and health. This course delivers a solid curriculum of important safety concepts with an emphasis on best practices for implementing and managing a safety program. It is a great introduction for anyone new to safety responsibilities, and an excellent review for experienced safety practitioners. Discussion and practical exercises show you what is needed to develop a safety action plan for your organization. We also show you how to put them into practice to help prevent injuries and related costs. Translate the fundamentals into action plans.

2. Advanced Safety Certificate

Develop Exceptional Safety Practitioners

Think critically about safety hazards in your workplace and solve problems before they become safety incidents. Our Advanced Safety Certificate program is a nationally recognized safety curriculum based on proven best practices.

The Advanced Safety Certificate program helps safety professionals drive fundamental safety change within their organization. The ASC™ award can be earned with 12 days of coursework.​

The ASC program helps you:

  • Learn to assess your organization’s unique safety needs
  • Create comprehensive safety plans customized to your organization
  • Implement your own customized, comprehensive safety programs effectively

Become a Safety Leader ASCpyramid

The ASC program builds upon knowledge of compliance requirements to further your safety education. It also sharpens your leadership skills to drive fundamental safety change throughout your organization.

Network With Peers

The ASC program follows an instructor-led format that fosters a dialogue among peers. Learn from other safety professionals in various industries who bring their unique experiences to the classroom. Join a network of professionals who continue to share their knowledge long after earning their certificates.

ASC Curriculum

The ASC curriculum provides an in-depth look at the issues safety practitioners face every day and offers proven approaches and solutions. Through 12 training days and 7.8 CEUs, this popular safety certificate program will help you direct your organization’s comprehensive safety plan with greater efficiency and success. Courses include:

  • Principles of Occupational Safety and Health (POSH) (2.6 CEUs)
  • Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene (FIH) (2.6 CEUs)
  • Safety Management Techniques (SMT) (2.6 CEUs)
  • Safety Training Methods (STM) (2.6 CEUs)
  • Ergonomics: Managing for Results (.65 CEUs)
  • Incident Investigation: A Root Cause Analysis (.65 CEUs)
  • Job Safety Analysis (JSA) (.65 CEUs)
  • Safety Inspections (.65 CEUs)
  • Team Safety (.65 CEUs)

Take your workplace safety program to a new, more powerful level by earning your Advanced Safety Certificate (ASC). You’ll be able to maximize your effectiveness as a safety manager and leader with knowledge of the best safety practices.The core courses in the ASC program give you a solid foundation of knowledge to meet all your safety challenges. Elective courses in this program allow you to acquire in-depth knowledge which can help you prepare for the Certified Safety Professional (CSP) exam.

What you will learn:

  • Field-tested, practical and efficient solutions to workplace safety and health issues
  • Techniques for a balanced approach to safety management addressing administrative, technical and cultural elements
  • Management skills to establish yourself as a problem-solver and a decision maker
  • Knowing when, how and to whom you should delegate safety responsibilities
  • Setting safety performance measures for your organization and employees
  • Creating a management plan tailored to your organization’s safety and health practices
  • Assessing your organization’s safety training needs to deliver performance-based training
  • Designing and implementing a comprehensive safety training program customized for your organization

Principles of Occupational Safety and Health

photo of Dave Amos working with student
Principles of Occupational Safety and Health (POSH) is a required course in the ASC curriculum. POSH lays the foundation for all other coursework. This four-day course covers important safety concepts, terminology and best practices for implementing and managing a safety program. Learn more.


To complete your certificate, you may select from any of the 1-day or 4-day courses to total 78 hours, or 12 days of courses.
*All Courses must be completed in a 5 year period.

 3. NEW! Fundamental of Safety Certificate

(Follow the Path to the Advanced Safety Certificate)

The Fundamental Safety Certificate is a great stepping stone towards achieving the National Safety Council’s Advanced Safety Certificate. The core course of both the FSC and ASC (POSH) provides a solid foundation of knowledge to meet all safety challenges, while the one-day ASC elective classes allow for a more in-depth discussion around specific safety topics. Employees will also have the option to add any WSC courses offering CEUs to their curriculum to achieve the FSC. Through 6 training days and 3.9 CEUs, this customary safety certificate program will benefit employees wanting to progress their organization’s safety and health program.

How to Earn the Fundamental Safety Certificate

Step 1 (required):
Complete the following prerequisite four-day course (2.6 CEUs):
• Principles of Occupational Safety and Health (POSH)

Step 2 (required):
Select one of the one-day courses listed below (0.65 CEUs):
• Safety Inspections
• Incident Investigation
• Job Safety Analysis
• Ergonomics: Managing for Results
• Team Safety

Step 3
Select any course(s) offered by WSC to obtain the required 3.9 CEUs needed to obtain the FSC:
• Select an ASC four-day course to get even closer to obtaining your ASC:
o Safety Management Techniques
o Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene
o Safety Training Methods
• Select an ASC one-day course from the list above
• Select any other course(s) being offered with CEUs by the WSC

*All courses must be completed in a three-year period

4. NEW! Safety Leadership Certificate

The Safety Leadership Certificate is for supervisors who are responsible for motivating their employees to work safely. Attendees will develop and enhance their safety management and communication skills, while learning how to implement new ideas and practices in their own companies.

The core course of this certificate (SMT) will provide real applications to define your role as a leader and problem solver and equips safety and health professionals with skills in communication and management functions. Through 8 training days and 5.05 CEUs, this Leadership certificate program will advance supervisors progression within their organization’s safety and health program.

How to Earn the Safety Leadership Certificate

Step 1 (required):
Complete the following prerequisite four-day course (2.6 CEUs):
• Safety Management Techniques (SMT)

Step 2 (required):
Complete the following courses for an additional 2.45 CEUs)
• Supervisor Safety Development (1.8 CEUs)
• Creating a World Class Safety Culture (.65 CEUs)

*All courses must be completed in a three-year period

 Our Programs

This is practical knowledge for everyone from front line workers to top executives.

  • Learn to design and implement effective safety programs that eliminate hazards, and reduce risks and costs.
  • See how improving safety improves your productivity and your profits.
  • Take courses that fit your needs, interests, and experience level.
  • Develop new skills that get you professional recognition and respect.

For more information on these programs, or to customize a program for delivery at your facility, contact WSC, 608.258.3400.