Don’t Let a Loved One Become a Statistic

National Safety Month (NSM) highlights four leading causes of preventable injury and death on a national scale, providing the latest information and resources in effort to help keep more people safe. Observed annually in June, NSM focuses on reducing leading causes of injury and death at work, on the road and in our homes and communities.


Each week in June, NSC will be providing downloadable resources highlighting a different safety topic:

Week 1: Hazard Recognition
Week 2: Slips, Trips and Falls
Week 3: Fatigue
Week 4: Impairment


 Week 3 = Fatigue (June 17-21)

As our lives get ever busier, our sleep is often the first thing to go and we can quickly become fatigued. Being fatigued can have serious impacts on our health and safety, but some simple steps can help you get the rest you need.

Week 4 = Impairment (June 24-28)

In every industry, employees need to be healthy and focused to stay safe at work. Impairment is a major roadblock to workplace safety and the effects are more common than you think. Impairment risks – The more you know about the risks of impairment and how they can arise, the better you can judge your ability to work safely.

Week 1 = Hazard Recognition (June 3-7)

The first week of National Safety Month takes place June 3-7. Hazards are all around us at work and home, and the threats can take many different forms. If we can identify hazards early, we can address them, fix them, and prevent injury and illness. Help keep employees, coworkers and family safe by using the resources and tips found below. Make sure to continue to engage and educate your employees and put your safety knowledge into practice all year long by accessing all the tools and resources available on our Member exclusive website.

Week 2 = Slips, Trips and Falls (June 10-14)

While each of our jobs are different, for most of us, walking is part of our workday. Whether it’s walking the factory floor, taking a stroll outside during a break or getting from one meeting to another, we are on our feet at least part of the day. With all of that foot traffic, there is always the potential for a fall. Did you know that falls to a lower level are the second leading cause of preventable workplace fatalities? This week, keep an eye out for slip, trip and fall hazards and each other by using these materials at your workplace. Use the checklist and tip sheet at home too!

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