As part of The Future Wisconsin Project, we are conducting a “Perception Survey” of the state, including both Wisconsinites and out-of-staters. The goal of this survey is to compile a non-scientific but nonetheless revealing look at the perceptions of Wisconsin by people of all ages who live outside the state — or close to home.

Survey respondents may be people who were born and grew up here but no longer live here, graduates of our educational institutions, people who own second homes here, people who may be business associates or friends elsewhere or others.

Please use this link to complete the survey:

The “Wisconsin state of mind” survey is a project of the WMC Foundation and its partners, which includes:

  • University of Wisconsin System
  • Wisconsin Technical College System
  • Wisconsin Association of Independent Colleges and Universities
  • Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development
  • Wisconsin Economic Development Corp.
  • Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction

Technical assistance is provided through the Wisconsin Technology Council:

Jennifer Braun
Social Media Consultant
Wisconsin Technology Council
455 Science Drive, Suite 240
Madison, WI 53711