About the Project

The Future Wisconsin Project, a program of WMC Foundation, addresses our state’s long-term systemic, economic challenges. With partner representation from business, government, and education, this program seeks to bring all stakeholders of the economy to the table to develop solutions we can all implement. The year-long collaboration culminates with The Future Wisconsin Summit, held at the end of each year.

New Report: Wisconsin Workforce Competitiveness Evaluation

WMC Foundation, through its Future Wisconsin Project, released a report that breaks down the state’s workforce challenges and proposes a variety of recommendations to help grow Wisconsin’s workforce and the state’s economy well into the future.

The report, titled the Wisconsin Workforce Competitiveness Evaluation, blended statistical data and long-form interviews with the state’s business leaders to determine specific challenges and how to address them.

The findings of the report are broken into six areas of focus:

  • Attract and Retain Talent
  • Upskill Existing Workers
  • Improve Career Pathways
  • Promote Apprenticeships, Youth Apprenticeships, Internships and Other Work-Based Learning for Students
  • Promote Career Awareness
  • Reach Disconnected Groups

The Wisconsin Workforce Competitiveness Evaluation was prepared for WMC Foundation by Economic Leadership, LLC, a nationally acclaimed consultancy group that develops economic and workforce strategies.

Click Here to Read the Report

2019 Wisconsin Workforce Tour

Wisconsin’s biggest economic challenge today is its severe lack of workers. WMC Foundation commissioned a study to determine the best path forward to get more Wisconsinites into the workforce, attract talent to the state and upskill the individuals already working.

The Future Wisconsin Project, a program of WMC Foundation, and its steering committee unveiled this new report during a three-day tour of the state. The tour stops included Madison, Milwaukee, Appleton, Wausau, Eau Claire and La Crosse to discuss the report’s findings, and present solutions. WMC Foundation invited the business community, the public and media to attend the events to learn more about how we can all make Wisconsin the best place to live, work and play.

March 15

  • Rockwell Automation – Milwaukee
  • WPS Health Solutions – Madison

March 18

  • Grant Thornton – Appleton
  • Greenheck – Wausau

March 19

  • Chippewa Valley Expo Center (Hosted by Menards) – Eau Claire
  • Kwik Trip – La Crosse

 2018 – Program

The 2018 Future Wisconsin Summit program by WMC Foundation was a sold out event ending WMC’s programs for the calendar year. We greatly appreciate all the efforts put forth to make this program possible. The Summit brought in individuals from both the public and private sectors to discuss issues employers are facing in the workforce today. The video series below features a quick recap of the program and the individual breakout sessions captured for the Future Wisconsin Summit.

Click below to view the recap:

2018 – Breakout Sessions

Talent Attraction & State Branding Update:


Wisconsin’s Workforce, The Preliminary Findings:


Private Sector Solutions to Workforce Challenges (Panel):


Wisconn Valley, Innovation Centers & Smart Cities | Foxconn:


Annual Summit Videos


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