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Business World


Business World is a four-day program that brings high school students and business volunteers (you!) together on a college campus to learn about the challenges facing our economy. It is an opportunity that will enable today's students a future in today's increasingly competitive global marketplace.

Once the students arrive at the program, they are divided into teams of 10-12 students who function as an imaginary "company" for the program, with you as their advisor. With the task of turning their company into a financial success, each company works harmoniously to create a unique product, develop marketing strategies, design a commercial, and compete in an online business simulation. In addition, they have the opportunity to interact with guest speakers and tour local companies to complete the hands-on experience.

In essence, each student makes all of the decisions demanded of real life company executives. Your role is less of a teacher role, and more of an advisor, or consultant role.

Business World Advanced Program

After a student has completed the Business World core program, they are eligible to return the following year for a more advanced program. The Advanced Program focuses more on certain aspects of the world of business such as marketing or business ethics. The curriculum for the advanced program changes each year.




What's in it for you?!?!

Business World is a very rewarding experience for the volunteers. But don't take our word for it, take a look at what fellow advisors have said over the years, and what the kids have said about them:

"I sent two of my own kids through the program and I was blown away by what my sons learned. I had to volunteer." – Scott, first-time advisor

“Scott was great! He was helpful and knowledgeable but let us make our own decisions and made sure we stayed on task.” - Lynn, one of Scott's "company" members

"It really makes me feel young!" - Andy, veteran advisor

“Andy made us feel welcome and comfortable and gave us a lot of good business advice. I had so much fun! Andy is a great guy and really knows what he is doing.” - Jillanne, one of Andy's "company" members

“I interview a lot of young people in my job. I am so impressed with the BW students -- their work ethic, the questions they ask, their level of interest. These are great kids.” - Erin, veteran advisor

“Erin got along well with everyone by discussing things with each person and supporting our ideas. She was fun and helped with our ideas and questions.” - Thomas, one of Erin's "company" members